I finished implementing an application on windows7 OS using the gnsdk java wrapper - all went fine there.

Now I want to install my application on ubuntu (compiling it on that platform as well), and I came to an error : "GnException Failed to load GNSDK module" - of course I changed the library i am using to the linux-64 directory (so file in there).

My app didn't run.....

I tried to compile the sample app - musicid_stream - and got to the same issue. I use the following execute command:

java -Djava.library.path=../lib/linux_x86-64 -classpath ./gnsdk.jar:./musicid_stream MusicIDStream licence ../lib/linux_x86-64 (all file references are ok)

RESULT: "GnException Failed to load GNSDK module"

any help would be appreciated!


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