I'm getting the following error in my application which was not being thrown in previous testing. Haven't tested the app in a couple week so not certain why a quota exceeded exception would occur.

Registration error: [110] Please contact Gracenote ODP 15423 [Name: Craig Maturey] [App: Playlist creator] support. [Gracenote Error 110/12 : User Quota Exceeded]



From your usage stats, it looks like you are not handling user registration properly and were registering a new user every time you make a query. Hence you ran out of your user quota.
If you are currently developing the app, please make sure to have the app register once (can be at installation or at first query, or what works for you, but you MUST register every end user) and store the User ID on a local storage (ex. a local file system). This User ID will be used for making queries.
I have adjust your user quota and you should be able to make query again. But please do take care of the user registration before you continue your development, otherwise you will very likely run into this issue again.
Hope this helps.

Thanks, Wai-Yu! I was attempting to use the Parksquare wrapper to make my calls, but I don't think it uses the User ID value, so this is likely why it was making a new request every time. After reading through the API documentation, I'll write my own wrapper to store and use User ID and prevent this in the future. I appreciate the help!


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