I am currently trying to get the sample application working from the GNSDK called "musicid_file_trackid" but it is not working and constantly giving the error "User not registered for online use"...

I am using the C# Wrapper coming with the SDK.

I have registered my application on the Gracenote website and filled in the correct clientId and clientIdTag. I can use the Gracenote Web API without problems using these client details but when I use the GNSDK it gives that user not registered error.

Does anyone have any idea why this is?

Here are the details of the error message given:

GNSDK Product Version : (built 2014-10-28 01:46-0700) A first chance exception of type 'GracenoteSDK.GnException' occurred in gnsdk_csharp.dll GnException : (User not registered for online use)User not registered for online use

We are looking into this issue, and will get back to you soon.
Thank you for you patience!


I ran musicid_stream sample and got the same problem with sjoerd_redeker for now. The log is as below:

ducpa1@101BacTT:~/gnsdk-$ ./sample lic.txt online

GNSDK Product Version : (built 2015-07-14 12:37-0700)

error from: gnsdk_manager_locale_load() [on line 452]
0x90800168 User not registered for online use

Please help solving that.


The command in my previous post should be like below. I accidentally copied the wrong one.
ducpa1@101BacTT:~/gnsdk-$ ./sample 34218515 3B09794059618E8661874A4F544AE0AF lic.txt online
Seems the authentication information was correct but error still appeared. Any suggestion?

Hi, thanks for providing the info. I will share it with our engineering team and reply to this thread if there's an update.


It seems the problem came from my proxy settings. It's ok for now.
Thanks for your help!

Thanks for the feedback. Can you share what changes you made to the proxy setting? That will help others who run into the same problem as well as us to get a better picture of this.

Hi Wai-Yu Hsieh,

Sorry for late response. In my case, my Ubuntu PC had to connect to the internet through a proxy server and the proxy blocked most domains. This might cause the authentication failure. After bypassing the proxy, with free access to the internet, I ran those samples without problems.

No worries, thanks for sharing. :)

And if you don't mind, can you also share your answer on Stackoverflow? Thanks!

Done :)

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