This forum is about feature requests that users would like to see in the product or API.

Gracenote Terrestrial TV Feed Update

I can not find where else to post this. Some data concerning the feed for terrestrial TV stations in southern Colorado is incorrect. This causes my Plex DVR to fail to record properly on NBC (Plex uses Gracenote for its EPG). Channel 5.1 (digital antenna) in zip 80919 (and others in Colorado Springs, CO) should be KOAADT and NOT K30JMD (which is for Pueblo Colorado).

ISRC data in ALBUM_SEARCH with multiple track result


I successfully managed to fetch ISRC data for a specfic artist/album/track combination. However, when I leave the trackname blank the ISRC data is not displayed. Odd enough the DEEZER XID data is still presented, just the vital part of info I need (ISRC) that would save me a lot of API calls is not in this response.

So my feature request is to include XID isrc data in results that yield multiple tracks.

Thanks, and have a nice day


Education / Development

Dear Gracenote ~

Is it possible to run a major academic collection through Gracenote, and thus systematize the metadata / replace artwork / fill empty fields, etc? More specifically, we're talking about 4 million+ tracks from Russia and Eastern Europe. This could arguably fall under the non-commercial developers' rubric, but there's no easy way to ask a question / make contact. ;) 


David MacFadyen

Professor, UCLA

Minor Bugs

Hey folks,

I just signed up for an account and noticed a couple of minor issues that hurt the user experience. I'm not sure if anyone is aware, since these seem to be easily-fixed items, though I could be wrong.

OnConnect Platform question


I recently created an application for the OnConnect platform specifically to query Sport tv listings data. My project is an open source tool to allow users to easily find the channel for a given search event. So for example, if I wanted to find out when and on what channel the Yankees vs Red Sox game was tonight, I would go this site, search "Yankees vs Red Sox" and see that it is on ESPN at 7pm.

Request track/album information in different language

Hi guys,

Your service rocks! I'm trying to recognize audio and everything works just awesome, but all results (f.e. track title) are always in English even for another language artists (f.e. Ukrainian artists). Locale setup didn't help. 

P.S. Artist title is always in original language.

using cURL for music recognition


Thank you for your API, I find it great!

My question is :
Is there, or will be, a way to use cURL upload a .wav file and receive fingerprint info in a text file.

For now, I use for my software EchoNest's EchoPrint API to get those ingormation using that command line (on Windows, with curl.exe in the software folder) :

curl -F "api_key=XXX" -F "filetype=wav" -F "track=@sound.wav" "" > info.txt