Discussion about the Entourage SDK

Do you have Cordova or PHP for Gracenote Entourage SDK?


Hi, guys!

I have some ideas about using Gracenote Entourage and want to check some hypothesis before commercial layout. So that's why I want to test the Entourage using small forces and only my knowledge (I know only PHP, Frontend and Cordova/ex-Phonegap) – do you have something to offer to me? Do you have some Cordova plugins for it or Web API of Entourage?

Thanks in advance. I hope you have some helpful solutions for me!


Gracenote Error 130/74


Im getting the following error

ERROR: GCSP: Hello error: [130] Please contact Gracenote ODP Unassigned 15204 support.

[Gracenote Error 130/74]


when trying to use the entourage SDK for ios. Other posts suggest that this can happen if my license expires. Can we check to see if thats the case?




I'm interesting in using Entourage to detect terestial TV watching in the UK. 

Does Entourage fingerprint BBC1 (for example) in real-time and simultaniously listen for the fingerprint on the client?


frame timing


Hi, I wonder if there is a way to know the exact delay between my tv broadcast and the server's one. For example: I would have 2 secs of delay with my tv and another user would have 5 seconds. Thus we would know that we have our signal (between the 2 users) delayed by 3 seconds and could synchronize our streams.

I am using the ios sdk. Thanks for your help






Listen to Video show in background



From the documentation I have learned that it is possible to make Entourage work in background for iOS Apps as well and developers are advised to read the  - Entourage Best Practices to Achieve All-Day Interactivity. But I cannot find this information anywere on web site or in the documentation. Can you help me find it? This or any other documentation that can guide me to implement correctly the listening while ios app is in background.

Thank you very much!