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[ANNOUNCEMENT] New Client ID registration issue


This issue has been resolved. Your Client ID should be working normally.
Please let us know if you are still having issue making queries.

Hello Gracenote Developers,

We are currently having an issue rendering new Client ID registrations. This is causing all newly created Client IDs not being recognized by our service and therefore not being able to make successful queries. I will update this post once we make progress fixing the issue. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Gracenote Developer Team

Add a new App



As far as i can read in this forum, the add new app application is out of order since a very long time. Why is that? Is Gracenote not interested in developers adding new applications? This seems very odd to me.

Can you please come up with a time frame until when this issue will be solved?

Thanks and happy new year!



I read on a news portal you were giving lyric services as lyricfind does, is that true? If it is, how can I acquire the service?
Thank you

Ongoing issue with creating new app


When attempting to create a new app, the "Currently unavailable, please check back later" message is thrown. I encountered the message a few weeks ago so checking back later hasn't worked.

I found a few posts regarding a similar issue. One had a reply from October 2018 claiming the issue was resolved.

Anyone else having the issue? Any suggestions on how to work around?

Error "Could not parse query: String could not be parsed as XML"


hello Gracenote Team,

it seems you have an issue in your music API: either in PHP or using your INteractive API console, I have the following result:

 <MESSAGE>Could not parse query: String could not be parsed as XML</MESSAGE>


Any idea?


Registration Issues


Thought I would also post my query in a new topic, not sure how fast you respond to questions.


Having issues trying to register. I have my account set up, and app created, and client id retrieved.

Using the Firefox RESTclient to attempt to register (replacing my actual id's with CLIENT ID AND CLIENTTAG) and attempting to get a User ID.

URL: https://cCLIENTID.web.cddbp.net/webapi/xml/1.0/

And in the body: