I am using GNSDK and implement it in the android integrating native libraries and jar file, but some time it doesn't recognise the song weather is it regional or in english language. If i play the song's tune instead words it doesn't recognise it or play it from starting in just few seconds it returns no match.

Can you provide me with an example so that I can test it?

Thanks for Reply,

Following is the list of the song which were either never identified or returned wrong result

Never Identified songs:

Angreji Beat (Regional)

Lets the Music Play (Regional)

Mitran Di Chhatri (Regional)

Animals (English)
Bailando (English)
Boom Boom Clap (English)
Booty (English)
Maps (English)
Stay With Me (English)

Wrong Identified Songs :

Anaconda - Baby Got Back
Exotic- Mini Mix English
Tokyo Drift - IntroAahun Aahun - Deli
Aankhon Ne Tumhari (Regional)

I hope this details helps you.

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