Hi guys,


I'm following GNSDK: The Barebones C Intro but have a problem I can't figure out while setting up the development environment.

The instructions say:

The first thing you need to do is set up your development environment. I coded and ran this application on Windows System 7. The SDK comes with a number of C samples. Each sample has its own folder. For this application, I cloned one of the folders and named it "/Samples/gnsdk_barebones". I used the "makefile" in the cloned directory and the Visual Studio 2008 C/C++ compiler to run the makefile from the command line (Visual Studio 2008 > Tools > Visual Studio 2008 Command Prompt). It's important that you create your folder under /Samples as the makefile uses relative path names to do its build.

I'm running MSVS 2015 on MS-Windows10 laptop.

I opened the 'Developer Command Prompt for VS2015' and type the following command

C:\Users\Dell\Documents\Play\GNSDK\samples\gnsdk_barebones>nmake -f makefile

Microsoft (R) Program Maintenance Utility Version 14.00.23918.0
Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation.  All rights reserved.

makefile(8) : fatal error U1000: syntax error : ')' missing in macro invocation

 The gnsdk_barebones folder contains two files that were downloaded as part of the SDK.

  1. main.c
  2. makefile

The makefile contains the following:

# Makefile:
# gnsdk_musicid_file sample app

sdkdepends = musicid_file lookup_local storage_sqlite dsp manager

ifeq ($(filter static, $(MAKECMDGOALS)), static)
    extra_libs = ../../xtralibs/ipp

include ../
include $(build_dir)/


I couldn't find any record makefile(8) error type and would appreciate your advice.

Please let me know if further info is required.

Thanks a lot for your help!