NOTE: I am using the "online" option for the sample command.


Hey I'm testing out the Gracenote SDK using the pre-existing sample data and some of my own files.

What seems strange to me is that the results are primarily based on the name of the file rather than the actual audio fingerprint of the song. Is this not how the file_trackid API is intended to work? 

For example if I rename `04_stone_roses.wav` to `04.wav` the track api comes with 0 results. If I use a more famous song/band and name the file something irrelevant, I get very innacurate results. 

Is the SDK focused on me generating my own fingerprint database? Or can I use a pre-existing fingerprint database like the one gracenote has (which I assume should be very extensive) and fire requests. 


For example, when trying to recognize "You Make Loving Fun" by Fleetwood Mac the first result is: 

"Match 1 - Album title:          「愛してるぜベイベ☆☆」ゆず・お気にCD!!" 

For "You Can Go Your Own Way!" by Fleetwood Mac, it isn't until the 30th match that actually gets it.