Hello !

On centos 6
I compiled a make file in the /root/gnsdk1/samples/musicid_file_trackid/
Further, I am trying to call the program execution
according to principle
./sample.exe <clientid> <clientid_tag> <license_file>
as such
./sample 1306449674 C555285187836303E68EC7DEC0E31FBS "/root/gnsdk1/samples/playlist/gn_license.txt"
but the program does not work.

Hi Oleg,

If you succeeded compiling then it seems to me such an execution should work. Dont mind me asking: have you tried putting the licence.txt in de same folder as the executable and referencing it withtout the quotes?

For me ./sample '710969993' '01EOOO1A7454C277999143C4EF8AAECF' licfile.txt 'online' works, but although I cannot imagine things being different on CentOS, I'm on Ubuntu.

However, you don't see me dancing in the streets either, for my sample applications seem only willing to recognise sources present in the sample_data folder. No clue as to why..