Hi. I am starting off from the link_coverart and musicid_stream samples that come with the SDK and then trying to retrieving the coverart for the music snippet I would have identified. What I have tried so far is as follows


I get the album GDO for the song:

error = gnsdk_manager_gdo_child_get(

and then use that album GDO to create the a link query:

error = gnsdk_link_query_set_gdo(query_handle, &input_gdo);


But this only gives me the following error:

error 0x90800001 - No error
        line 959, info gnsdk_manager_gdo_deserialize()


Can someone help with identifying how I should correctly pass the GDO to the link query.


Thanks in advance.

Hello,0x90800001 error indicates, you called API with invalid argument. Mostly likly invalid for null gdo handle in this case.  I do see you getting album gdo asalbum_gdo and passing in input_gdo to link query. Make sure your input_gdo is valid and si not null. Hope this helps,Pinakin.