I am currently developeing an app, which used the GNSDK, which works pretty well.

I was just checking up on the different plans, and noticed the Community Plan (in comparison to Accelerator and Enterprise) does not allow commercial use.

I understand this might seem like a stupid question, but what defines commercial use? if I would release my app on the Play-/App-Store, that would make it commercial, despite not making any money from it?.

Also, how do I know if I would need the Accelerator or Enterprise plan? I have no idea how many users my app would attract....

I hope someone can help me on clarifying this, many thanks in advance.

Hi there,
This is in fact a great question!
By commercial use, we mean you are creating revenue with your app - whether by the sale for the app, in-app ad's or affiliate program (such as, and not limited to, Apple or Amazon affiliate program).
To request for Accelerator, you must first meet our qualifications. For details, please click "request" on the Plans page.
If you are simply creating a free app and not making any revenue, you're good with the (default) Community plan.

Keep in mind, though. Since Accelerator plan is still in Beta version, there may be some minor changes once we officially launch it.
Hope this helps!