Hi, at present, I see that there is a C# wrapper API available for your Web API: Gracenote API by Jon Meesam

Unfortunately, it appears that your current Web API does not enable users to upload new album track information. I work at the Ministry of Sound in London and we're currently looking into the possibility of programmatically uploading our new album data to Gracenote from the business application that we use to create the album data in. It presently exports to PPL, chart companies and our digital distributers and we'd love to be able to also export to Gracenote. With our high volume of releases, it would save us plenty of time.

I have spoken to Jon Meesam who said that he'd be prepared to write a C# wrapper of the relevant code from your GNSDK, but he wasn't sure if that would be ok with Gracenote and so, I'd like some clarification on that please.

Many thanks,



Hi Sheridan,

Unfortunately, we do not provide this functionality for users to upload metadata through the Developer Program.
I have passed you request to our team internally and someone from Gracenote will reach out to you. In the meantime, you can go to for more info, and can contact our Support team through that page as well if you haven't hear back from us.


Oh that's disappointing.  I'm sure that there are plenty of record labels that would appreciate such functionality as it takes so long to manually input all album track details.

I believe that is something you can have if you go through Gracenote support, just not through the Developer Program :)

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