Some years ago we developped a software to show CD metadata. It was developped with VB6 and uses the CDDB ActiveX control and is still used in our company.

Recently the ActiveX control has stopped working. It returns the following message on initialization:

Please contact CCRTV support [Gracenote Error 130/74]

It seems a licensing problem. How can we renew the license?

Thanks for your continued support of Gracenote! As you probably know, the old CDDB ActiveX control is no longer maintained, and all licenses from our old non-commercial program have been expired. However, if you've signed up on this site, you can go to "My Apps" to request a Client ID, and replace that in your app and things should work again.


I have the exact same error, exept that my program is based on .NET.
Switching to the new ClientId and ClientTag I have no luck:

"05/20/2014:19:46:15:GMT [35200] XP: Please contact Gracenote ODP 00128 [Name: XXX YYY] [App: ZZZ] support.
[Gracenote Error 130/74]"

The error occurs when i first try to load data from the service (GetRoleList(0)).

What can be done to avoid this error?

Best Regards!

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