My Windows app that I am developing is using the GN libraries. I send the TOC through the interface and it returns all but the last track.

matches = Control.GetMatchedDiscInfo();
match = matches[1];
CDDBCONTROLLib.CddbTracks tracks = default(CDDBCONTROLLib.CddbTracks);
CDDBCONTROLLib.CddbTrack tr = default(CDDBCONTROLLib.CddbTrack);
tracks = currentDisc.Tracks;

A CD, like Alan Parsons The Best Of, returns only 11 tracks when there are 12. The same library returned the right data in my earlier app. I just copied the CDDBCONTROLLib and CDDBUICONTROLLib in both.

What am I doing wrong?

Never mind - I was not completing the TOC, left off the last numebr