I'm trying to use GnSDK with C# (very strange thing to do).

I succeeded in generating a GnManager, providing a license-file with the license-information gotten from my application at gracenote.
Generation of GnUser failed with the errormessage shown in Subject.

Thats what the C#-wrapper is trying to do:
      GnString ret = new GnString(gnsdk_csharp_marshalPINVOKE.GnManager_UserRegister(swigCPtr, (int)registerMode, clientId, clientTag, applicationVersion), true);

My gracenote client id has 7 digits. My gracenote client tag has a length of 32.

What may be wrong?

Now I created a new application an got a new client id and a new client tag.

This works fine with WebAPI.

Trying to generate a GNManager now immediately leads to 

GracenoteSDK.GNException: "Invalid Gracenote Client ID"

I generated a licensefile as it was shown in 'My Account'.
​Additionally I tried it with a licensefile where I replaced all /r/n with a real newline.

In both cases I got the same result.


Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Copying the licensefile from my account again (as it originally was) solved the problem with the GnManager.

But the problem creating a new GnUser remains. Same error as written in my original post.

Again my question: any ideas?