Not sure if anyone still answers questions here, since most of them are months old, but I'll give it a shot.


I am performing an album search with SINGLE_BEST_COVER.


Artist is 'KISS'.  I am specifically looking for the album 'Destroyer' but here's where it gets weird:

A search for 'destroyer' returns the correct album.  A search for 'destroy' returns "KISS Destroy The U.K" - correct as far as the search terms go.

ANY other partial search:  'des', 'dest', 'destr', 'destro' etc...

returns:  The Dazed and Confused motion picture soundtrack.  Now, this does contain the track Rock N Roll All Nite, but nowhere in any of the returned RESPONSE does the search text 'des', 'dest' etc appear.  The rest of that entire album's track names, KISS or otherwise, do not contain the search text.  


What am I missing?  Are album_title searches matching against the full word only, and it just ignores the field entirely otherwise?  When I think SINGLE_BEST_MATCH for something and I provide even partial text, I would assume my partial text will at least appear somewhere in the field I am searching.


Please advise.  Thanks in advance.

Edit:  reposting on stackoverflow.

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