Hi, I hope I am writing to Wai-Yu,

So first of all I'm working on android dev and testing the API with developer licence.

If you will remember I was trying to email you few weeks ago. I resolved most of the problems already, however my current problem is with MusicId.findAlbums(fingerprintData, fingerprintType) returning GnResponseAlbums with no albums. I am sending streaming data to the API with GnfingerprintType.kFingerprintTypeStream6. The fingerPrint String was generated from provided raw data to the fingerprint-Begin, -Write, and - End APIs. I believe I did this currectly and can even send the generate fingerPrint string if requested. The reason I have not now is for security purposes--I'm not sure how public this forum is and how much user data is in the fingerprint string.

Please respond this time.