I've just created a new account, and added a new app. From there I see the client id (neatly in clientid- clienttag format).

In the interactive rhythm api console I go to the register page, and copy & paste the complete clientid in the box. I leave the userID box empty and hit the submit button.
In the URL generated I see my clientid in the hostname and my complete clientid and -tag in the parameters.

Yet after hitting submit I get a 'bad or missing client information ' error.

.. What's next? :)

- Joris

Hi, thank you for the feedback. Let me investigate this issue and get back to you.

Ok, looks like there's a bug in the console that caused register and fieldvalues method to break. I will post an update shortly. You can still copy the URL generated and use it to register a user for a User ID, if you like to continue testing while I fix the console. Thank you for reporting this issue and sorry for the inconvenience.

The Rhythm API console is now fixed. Please try again and let me know if there's any issue.

Register still giving the same error.

Like you said, copy & pasting the generated URL works fine. It still seems that the interactive console is generating the correct requests and URLs... it's just not using them when you click submit :S.


(Tried with both json and xml btw)

I've tested myself and it's working fine. Do you mind trying again, and maybe clear cache if still not working?