Hello developers! 

I wonder if it is possible to download fingerprints from a remote URL other than gracenote server? For example we would like to put fingerprints on our own server. Do not see in documentation if it is possible. Can you advise? 

When fingerprints are stored locally, the SDK looks them up in an App Bundle folder. On iOS NSBundle is read only. Is it possible to point SDK to read fingerprints from a /Documents folder for example? That will enable me to download fingerprints from a remote URL and store it locally so SDK can load it up. 

Thank you very much! 


Hi Sergey,

I assume you are referring to the local fingerprint bundle file for performing local fingerprint lookups?

In general, the SDK supports loading bundle files from any local path - You can look at Page 22 of the Entourage SDK Implementation Guide for iOS (1.7.1) (search for "Ingesting fingerprint bundle code sample") for some sample code that shows loading bundle files from an arbitrary path or directory.

However, hosting and transmitting the bundle file to the local device is something that you will have to implement yourself.

Hope this helps!

Ching-Wei, thank you very much for your reply.  Very clear and it definetely looks like what I was looking for. 




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