I am creating a application that records the song from mic, local mobile library and then the api ( provided by you ) should recognise the song and give me the mood of the song and according to mood we are going to show color palete to the users. I have used gracenote, it perfectly works for hollywood songs but it gave me the song name not other parameters, i will need other parameters like mood, tempo etc.

I am specifically looking for API's to detect India - Bollywood songs &then provide me with the mentioned parameters. If you can provide me with the same then I will be more than happy to mention / highlight powered by Gracenote in the app.

The app is for non commercial use. 

Looking forward for a positive reply.

Thanks in advance.


Thanks for your question. You can retrieve Moods and Tempos for tracks recognized by the Mobile Client by setting the "content.mood" and "content.tempo" properties to true in your GNConfig object when initializing the SDK.

There is a section in the Mobile Client Implementation Guide documentation called "Retrieving Related Content" that may be helpful. Please let us know if you are able to get this working.

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