Thank you for your API, I find it great!

My question is :
Is there, or will be, a way to use cURL upload a .wav file and receive fingerprint info in a text file.

For now, I use for my software EchoNest's EchoPrint API to get those ingormation using that command line (on Windows, with curl.exe in the software folder) :

curl -F "api_key=XXX" -F "filetype=wav" -F "track=@sound.wav" "http://developer.echonest.com/api/v4/track/upload" > info.txt

But Echoprint needs a 30 seconds sample minimum, which make the recognition lasts 80 seconds including the capturing and the analysis. I need to go faster for my app.

Thank you in advance for your contribution.

Hi, thanks for your interest in Gracenote!

The way our service works, it requires you to use a Client-side library (such as our Mobile Client SDK or GNSDK) to generate a fingerprint from an audio file, and query our recognition service. This is a much more scalable approach than requiring transferring of audio files (especially uncompressed WAV files) over the Internet. As such, we do not currently offer a web-based solution for fingerprinting of audio. Please take a look at our documentation for Mobile Client or GNSDK for how to do fingerprint recognition.