Can I audiofingerprint also movies and tv series to recognize them and get metadata?



Gracenote does offer a commercial product that does this (, but we are still working on offering that for our non-commercial developers. Thanks for your interest, please keep your eye on this space!

I would love it!! If you guys would offer this to non-commercial developers, because startups are innovating this space. But due to copyright infringment and broadcast studios it's hard to get creative with API's. Looking at Mashery and how they have cool access to ESPN --> and other companies something like this would make my day. And i am going to be quite honest, the first company that really pushes for non-commercial developers will draw my attention and my startup's attention. I know compeititon in this space is growing and there isn't a real champion. But TV is growing in a unique direction and with content producers going independent on YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix for an example, and even Rdio created Vdio .So what I am saying is as a startup I'm looking at which companies are putting on TV Hacks --> [ which i see your a sponsor of kudos to that ] and i'm working with them to create my dream second screen solution!!