Hallo everybody,

in your announcement some days ago you said that the old content will remain online for short period of time only.
Unfortunately not all developers that want to benefit from the new API are familiar with C (like me). So it would be very helpfull to have wrappers for other development platforms (.NET in my case).
Please provide this as soon as possible to help moving to the new API. Otherwise please remain the "old" content online for a much longer period since many developers don't have the resources to do such a complex transition within a short period.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards
H. Dederichs

Hi, thanks for sharing your concerns. While the content on the previous non-commercial developer zone may be removed in the near future, any applications built with the old PC SDK will continue to operate for the remainder of your previous 1 year license term, which we can also extend for you if you send us an email. We understand your concern that it will require additional development work to migrate your application to our new SDKs, and if you need to keep using the old SDK, you are welcome to save a copy from the old site now. FYI we have stopped active development on the old PC SDK, and shifted development to the new GNSDK, which is more up-to-date, and we believe also much cleaner and easier to use. We may also have a C# wrapper for GNSDK ready for release in the near future, which you may be interested in. We do hope you'll sign up for this new program and take advantage of some of our new SDKs.

Hi, what are your plans concerning a ava SDK. In the past using com4j for building Java clients was a little bit troublesome ...

We plan to offer a Java wrapper to GNSDK in the near future - stay tuned!

That's good news, I can't wait to see ...

There is no Java wrapper available for GNSDK yet, but thanks to @r_adams we have some unofficial wrappers for the Gracenote Web API posted to GitHub. WrappersUnofficial wrappers to the Web API for various languages, which abstract the XML protocol and allow text-based lookups of Artist, Album and Track metadata with the most common options.PythonpygnPHPphp-gracenoteJavajava-gracenote