Gracenote offers developers access to the largest music database in the world. Our platforms are tailored to support specific use cases, so you will want to select a platform to match your development goals.

Rhythm API

Gracenote Rhythm is a personalized radio API that delivers great playlists from one or more seed artists, tracks, genres, eras or moods. The playlists are generated using Gracenote's rich content descriptors, derived from our team of editorial experts as well as audio analysis technology.


The Gracenote SDK (GNSDK) is a flexible C software library supporting Gracenote's recognition and discovery features on a wide range of operating systems and architectures.


The Gracenote Web API delivers a rich set of music metadata over HTTP to help power interactive experiences for any connected application.

Experimental API

Experimental APIs are advanced technologies and features that haven’t been released, giving developers early access to what is currently in development. LiveID identifies live versions of songs and the Timeline Metadata API provides detailed information for dynamic mood and tempo analysis.

Mobile Client

(Deprecated) A set of lightweight SDKs for both iOS and Android, the Gracenote Mobile Client makes it easy to add advanced music recognition and fingerprinting technologies to your mobile apps.