Posted by derek | about 5年 ago

We've hardly cracked the 14th Baktun and the first Music Hack Day of the new era is already upon us. For the uninitiated, MHD is, well, a hack day for music. As the hackathon scene was just catching on in the late aughts, a couple of technology inclined music fanatics decided that there should be a place for like-minded hackers to congregate, overcaffeinate, and build something musical. Since its inception in 2009, MHD has been a travelling circus of sorts, visiting over a dozen cities across Europe, the States, the Nordic North and the land down under. Equipped with little more than 24 hours and a handful of powerful APIs, hackers have built hundreds of musical hacks ranging from the enlightening to the stupefying , from the playful to the petrifying , from daft punk to ... more daft punk. And best of all, it's a blast. I mean, how can you go wrong with a group of brilliant and creative hackers bonding over their love of music and undocumented code?

Needless to say, we love this stuff. So we've decided to send one of our hackers in residence, the illustrious @ocelma, out to Stockholm for this weekend's Music Hack Day. In addition to throwing together a kickin' hack (he left town with an arduino and programmable christmas lights,) he'll be showing off our newly released developer portal. So if you're looking for metadata--mood, genre, coverart--grab a client ID and check out the docs. And if you happen to be in Stockholm, Oscar will be around to help you with our APIs and other existential questions.