I'm trying build an android sample based on the currently existing sample. Im new to Gracenote Feature. While checking through the sample, the below codes are used to get album

GnResponseAlbums albumResponse = mid.findAlbums( "Supernatural", "Africa Bamba", "Santana",null,null );

long albumCount = albumResponse.albums().count();

for (int albumIndex = 0; albumIndex < albumCount; albumIndex++) {

    GnAlbum album = albumResponse.albums().at(albumIndex).next();

        System.out.println("Album ID globalId ID"+album.globalId());;



        System.out.println("Album ID album title details"+album.title().display());


    doAssetFetch(gnUser, album);                    


My doubt is why Im getting albumcount as 4 while checking for the album "Supernatural". Im supposed to get a unique global Id for album Supernatural.

But here I'm getting four different ids and while checking tracks using custom trackIterable function, track count changes, but all four album have the song Africa Bamba.

Please help to find a unique global id for album and artist