Hi I am trying to do a project for non-ccommercial research purposes to aid my degree. When i send requests I do not get mood or tempo data back. I would greatly appreaciate any help. Thanks.

    <TEXT TYPE="ARTIST">flying lotus</TEXT>
    <TEXT TYPE="ALBUM_TITLE">until the quiet comes</TEXT>



      <ARTIST>Flying Lotus</ARTIST>
      <ARTIST_ORIGIN ORD="1" ID="29889">North America</ARTIST_ORIGIN>
      <ARTIST_ORIGIN ORD="2" ID="29908">United States</ARTIST_ORIGIN>
      <ARTIST_ORIGIN ORD="3" ID="30170">California</ARTIST_ORIGIN>
      <ARTIST_ORIGIN ORD="4" ID="30565">Los Angeles</ARTIST_ORIGIN>
      <ARTIST_TYPE ORD="1" ID="29422">Male</ARTIST_TYPE>
      <ARTIST_TYPE ORD="2" ID="29426">Male</ARTIST_TYPE>
      <ARTIST_ERA ORD="1" ID="29483">2000s</ARTIST_ERA>
      <ARTIST_ERA ORD="2" ID="29493">Late 2000s</ARTIST_ERA>
      <TITLE>Until The Quiet Comes</TITLE>
      <GENRE ORD="1" NUM="105216" ID="35470">Electronica</GENRE>
      <GENRE ORD="2" NUM="105253" ID="35499">Techno</GENRE>
      <GENRE ORD="3" NUM="62110" ID="25672">Intelligent (IDM)</GENRE>
         <TITLE>All In</TITLE>


My apologies, we seemed to have assigned you with a Client ID that is not setup properly. Please go to your "My Apps" page to delete your app and create a new one to get a new Client ID.
The new Client ID should give you mood and tempo in response.

Hi thanks for the quick response. Im now getting GCSP: Hello error: [130] Please contact Gracenote ODP Unassigned 15756 support. [Gracenote Error 130/74]   4003 however. Is this just a time issue that I have to wait for the client id to be registered? 

Thanks again,


Ok seems to work but still no mood/tempo but more information is returned such as artist image and cover art. 

Sorted! Cheers for the help!