Entertainment Metadata

From music genres and TV listings to movie synopsis and celebrity bios, Gracenote is your one stop shop for rich descriptive metadata on a global scale.


Gracenote SDK (GNSDK) is the core software platform that delivers all of Gracenote’s recognition, metadata and discovery features to applications running on a wide range of operating systems and architectures. (And YES, that includes SDK for mobile devices.)

What's available: mood, genre, era, track/album title, artist name and much more!


The Gracenote Web API delivers a rich set of music metadata over HTTP to help power interactive experiences for any connected application.

What's available: descriptive metadata such as genre, region of origin, and mood, as well as cover art, artist images and other related content items.

Gracenote Video & Sports APIs

Gracenote also offers rich video and sports metadata. Gracenote OnConnect and other APIs provide the entertainment data and images needed to build rich linear TV and OTT interfaces.

What's available: TV schedules, Movie showtimes, Plot summaries, Cast and crew info, Images and much more!