My iOS app using GN_Music_SDK_iOS_3_2_0_144 is getting a lot of web service error lately.
It starts around Dec 19/20 and has been continuing since then. (there is also a spike of it on Dec 9)
The error has a error code of 5000 without any error message.
The number of error has up from tens to up to more than a thousand and is so obvious that user are complaining.
And the most itching part is I never was able to reproduce it, only able to see it in my log.

Anyone seeing somethings similar? What should I do? Will updating to the 3.3 SDK helps?

Upon further debugging, I am able to reproduce the error.
Actually every new install is getting this error.
It seems my API KEY is not able to register any new users now.

I break at the GNResultReady: delegate function, and the stack trace shows somethings like:
[GNOperationCommonTask reportLoginError:]
[GNOperationQueue webservicesLoginFailed:]
[GNOperationsAsyncWebservicesLogin doResultReport]

I tried to change to another API KEY, and it seems to be working fine.
What should I do to enable the API KEY for more users?
Am I reaching a cap on the number of users? If I should use a commercial license, how much is that?