I am using Rich Adams's "php-gracenote" wrapper.

Its "searchArtist()" method retrieves results which, after formatting, look like this (for example):

           [album_gnid] => 61144186-0D007A0B2047EBAFE4343960CEBFFF73
            [album_artist_name] => Ray Charles
            [album_title] => Genius Loves Company
            [album_year] => 2004
            [genre] => Array

....etc., with sub-arrays including tracks.

So far, so good. I can work with the data and display it as required. However, no matter what artist I've requested, I only ever get ten albums returned. There is nothing in Rich's code to limit the number of results, and I can find nothing in Gracenote API docs to explain this limit.

Any advice would be appreciated.



Short answer is that Web API returns ten albums in default.

If you want to get more results using Web API, you will need to set the RANGE parameter. Please see Web API documentation on "Paging Results with the RANGE Parameter" for more info. And since this seems to not be included in the PHP wrapper, you will need to modify the code to get desired results.

Hope this helps!

Got it, Wai-Yu.

Many thanks!