i  recently created an app license and i am not sure sure if it is correct.

I use the following: (! This is NOT my app! - I only try to use it!)

I always got an error like this:
MusicID.exe 'MyClientID' 'MyClientTag' C:\y\lic.txt online C:\y\x.wav
(Of course "MyClientID" and "MyClientTag" was correctly copied from the license information in my app on gracenote.

error from: gnsdk_manager_user_create() [on line 273]
0x90800009 User Create: error deserializing user data

error from: gnsdk_manager_user_register() [on line 316]
0x90800001 Invalid argument


In the File "lic".txt is the complete text beginning with the line "-- BEGIN LICENSE v1.0 F5B50C57 --" - is this correct?

I'm not sure about the license itself because two things are a little bit strange: (i did overwrite my key for security reasons with "x"

-- BEGIN LICENSE v1.0 F5B50C57 --
name: <- Is it correct that the field "name" is always empty?
notes: Gracenote Open Developer Program
start_date: 0000-00-00 <- Is it correct that the start date is alway 0000-00-00?
client_id: xxxxxxx
musicid_file: enabled
musicid_text: enabled
musicid_stream: enabled
musicid_cd: enabled
playlist: enabled
videoid: enabled
video_explore: enabled
local_images: enabled
local_mood: enabled
-- SIGNATURE F5B50C57 --
-- END LICENSE F5B50C57 --

Best regards and a happy new year


Hi Martin,
Quick answer to your question, your license is correct. Thanks.

Thanks anyway,

i'm still not sure where to search e.g. what i'm doing wrong and/or the app i'm using is faulty or other things.

It would be great if Gracenote provides a small command line driven tool that does Fingerprinting and put that to the WebAPI.


Best regards