Hi, I'm doing some GNSDK work and am running into a slight issue.  We're doing ID's of streams, so I've hacked up the stream ID example to do track identification and spit back XML files that we parse later. When we call gnsdk_musicid_query_find_tracks we get back a response GDO that gives us all kinds of handy info, but does not include the actual length of the track matched.  Ideally we'd like to be able to retrieve this data so that we can be more predictive on when we need to fire off our next gracenote query.  Does the GNSDK currently support this functionality?

No we do not offer track lenght... the same track can have various lengths anyway...The only thing we tell is track position... that can help you evaluate the need of making a new query. if position is 20 seconds it's likely that the song will still play for another minute or two...

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