I'm interesting in using Entourage to detect terestial TV watching in the UK. 

Does Entourage fingerprint BBC1 (for example) in real-time and simultaniously listen for the fingerprint on the client?


Yes, Entourage fingerprints TV channels in real-time. And you can build a client application that recognizes the live content. And yes, channels does include UK. Check out the Entourage Channel Listings for the complete list of TV channels available to you under Gracenote Developer Program.
Hope this helps.

Thanks! Is there someone I could speak to about pricing? 



Also I'm interested in OTT services such as Netflix. I believe you fingerprint these too but I can't see them under the Entourage Channel list. 


Recognizing this type of content is not available through our Developer Program. You will need to contact Gracenote Sales if you like to have that available to you.

Hi Andy,
Are you building a commercial application? (meaning if you intent to generate revenue through either ads, direct purchase, add-on purchase and so on.)

I'd prefer to discuss this one to one and not on the public forum. Is there someone you could put me in touch with? 

Many thanks

Definitely, I'll send you an email shortly.