Gracenote offers developers access to its Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) platform and TV Listings data. Here you can select the platform that is specific to your development needs.


Gracenote eyeQ™ is an Interactive Program Guide (IPG) featuring local, national and international TV listings, as well rich program-related photos and imagery. With up to 21 days programming data for 28 countries, Gracenote eyeQ arms TV manufacturers and cable-operators with a means to break free from old fashioned TV grids to produce dynamic interfaces.


Gracenote Entourage™ is an Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) platform that unlocks second screen experiences for TV viewers. At its core, Gracenote Entourage uses advanced audio fingerprinting technology to let smart phones and tablets identify movies and TV programs by simply “listening” to a few seconds of the program dialogue and soundtrack.