Trying to connect to run a basic register query with an HTTP client library (Titanium). It's a fairly basic exersize of connecting and handling the response.  The problem is, that my client library seems like it could be a bit too cutting edge.  The response that is handled doesn't handle the request with an error and returns a blank response string with no message or anything.


Here's a message from my debugger console that complains about the TLS:



[WARN] : Unable to securely connect to [client_id] with the latest TLS. Trying again with TLS1.0. It is highly suggested that the server be updated to the latest TLS support.


I've contacted the vendor who supports my client library but so far, nothing really checks out.  I thought I would share this and maybe someone else finds it useful if any ideas could be shared about this topic.

Thanks in advance for any help!


 Hey Dave,Thanks for the heads up. I'll look into reproducing your error and see if we may need to update some software on the server.Derek