Discussion about the Gracenote Web API for Music

No results for ARTIST_OET



So far I haven't been able to get any ARTIST_OET results, even when doing the search listed in the sample code (Flying Lotus). The parameter value I'm sending is


I'm able to get results in all of the other categories except ARTIST_OET. Any help would be appreciated.



Creating New App




I tried to create new app in my account.

But I got a below message all of App Names...

There are no application keys available, please try again later.

How can I get new app ?
The platform I choosed is "All Music Platforms and eyeQ(Default) "
And I log in by my Facebook Account.
Thanks !

ALBUM_SEARCH doesn't return coverart


I have the following issue with the Web API. When I perform a query type ALBUM_SEARCH with the option SELECT_EXTENDED=COVER it doesn't return coverart. Using <MODE>SINGLE_BEST_COVER<\MODE> I do get the cover url.

Below are the options I tried adding to the query. The first one returns no url's, the second one returns review, biography and image url's but not the cover url. Why I don't get the cover url's ?

Musician Twitter Verification Before Developing


Im a developer for Famous Freysh Entertainment. Before I can start developing I need to get them Verified. There music is on VEVO, Rhapsody

Zune, Spotify and many other major retailers.


The Group FamousFreysh and it's two members Needs to be verified. I sent you guys an email in regards to it no reply as of yet.

Here are there @ Twitter Handle Names


Band/Group: http://www.twitter.com/FamousFreysh

Members: http://www.twitter.com/MrCashKing