Discussion about the Gracenote SDK

Getting Japanse Character


Hi, I have a problem to get Japanese Character.

I'm trying to get some track titles from TOC in Win8, C# and C++/CX.

And the some of result is appeared with character corruption or blank.

I checked the value in debug mode for the blank, and a message of the value was meaning like "invalid character is included".

I set locale and perform a query like this ...

Gracenode (nodejs sdk) has bugs



I havnt been updating the gracenode sdk for the past few months and it has become quite unstable. So remove the link from the developer page , i will try to update it at the earliest and get back to you guys. Sorry for the inconvenience.




can't run samples


So I tried running samples with VS 2012 or Cygwin, exactly like described in the instructions.


In Cygwin I get: "/bin/sh: cl.exe: command not found

../../builds/platform_vars_windows.mk:145: *** ARCH="" is unsupported. Windows can't cross compile (use different vcvars.bat setting).  Stop."


In VS I get: "fatal error LNK1120: 30 unresolved externals" from "error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol". Probably I'm doing something wrong here


Any help please?