Is there currently a list of Hollywood films that are supported by Gracenote's audio sync database?  If a particular movie is not currently supported, can a developer upload the necessary audio file to the database?  



Hi,Currently, non-commercial users can only recognize TV content from the last 7 days on any of the broadcast channels we monitor (see here for a list: While there are plenty of Hollywood films in our recognition server at any time, you would have to use our eyeQ TV listing API to retrieve the movies that are on these channels in the last 7 days.Commercial users may access an expanded "video archive", as well as create their own local fingerprint databases with their own content. Thanks!

How do you access the "video archive"?  I have downloaded the SDK and have the sample app running, however it will not recognize a movie from DVD or VOD.  I am part of the Accelerator Program, does this provide we the required access?

Access to "video archive" service is only available to enterprise customers. Hence you can only identify movies that are currently on TV using Entourage API.
If you believe this is a must have feature for your application, please reach out to our sales rep who contacted you when you requested Accelerator program.
Hope this helps.

The film list is awsome. One can also expand the list with free movie apps like MediaBox HD app. All movies and TV shows are available for free on this app.