Hi there,


I just found out about gracenote. I tried the basic Android app from the tutorial and it works flawless. But what I am looking for is something different and I wonder if gracenote can offer it:


What I want it to do, is recognize only the sound files that I create, not from the gracenote huge music library. For example, I create a sound file with me talking, some sound effects and so on.. Does gracenote provide the capability to create sound fingerprints and host them on my own server or anything similar?



Hi,We actually do have a way to create a local fingerprint database for lookup of your own content, unfortunately we cannot offer this capability for non-commercial users at this time, since it requires some custom work. We'll keep you updated if this changes.Thanks!

I'm interested in this feature for my project too. It would be great to be able to make your own bundle of fingerprints.