Hi There,


I am using GNSDK  Library for C, and I tried musicid_stream, I Tried it for lot of .wav files but it is giving the below error.


GNSDK Product Version    : v3.2.0.422 


(built 2013-01-08 07:55-0800)
error 0x90800420 - No Error
line 339, info 
error 0x90800007 - Manager not initialized
line 437, info gnsdk_manager_user_release()



Though It is giving No - Error why I am not getting any result for this. Can you people investigate this?

Please let me know If I would need to Install any thing else.




Hello Ganesh,Thanks for reporting this issue, sorry about the missing error description - that is definitely a bug in our SDK. The error above 0x90800420 indicates a 'Invalid License' error. This is causing the SDK to fail initialization. Be sure to pass the Gracenote SDK license data to the SDK as it was provided and unmodified.  Let us know if you get passed this issue. Best regards,-Paul Quinn

Hello paul,                 I have thesame problem when trying to run musicid_lookup_matches_text, I'm sort of new to this, how exactly do i pass Gracenote SDK licence data to the SDK