Posted by WaiYu | about 4 years ago

Hello Gracenote Developers,

Entourage version 2.2.0 is now available for download at Entourage SDK page. We encourage all developers to take advantage of the exciting new features and capabilities in 2.2.

Major Changes from Entourage 1.7

  • New APIs that ease cross-platform development and will enable faster deployment of innovative, new features.
  • Support for Windows Phone 8, Windows RT ARM and x86.
  • New manual mode that only sends queries initiated by the end user.
  • Entourage 2.2.0 is NOT backwards compatible with Entourage 1.X versions. Please reference the Entourage 1.7 to 2.0 Migration Summary included in the Developer’s Guide for additional information on API changes.

Please note, you MUST use the new All Platform API key (Client ID) to use this new SDK.

Happy Hacking!


Gracenote Developer Team 



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