I have a large music collection that I want to catalog. I looked for a suitable commercal application that would work with my OS of choice (Mac OS 9) but I couldn't find one.


SO I've decided to write my own.


In your opinion, is the GMSDK suitable for such a task?  I've developed lots of stuff using Mac "Classic" so I know most of the Mac Toolbox from memory.




Hello Gary,Mac OS 9, eh? PowerPC, but I'm not sure on what kernel. Was that a POSIX OS?The answer is very like no, but mostly because we don't have an OS 9 machine at Gracenote to determine this. We also don't include a PPC build in the GNSDK package currently. I think your quickest route will be to use the Gracenote Web API. Regards,-Paul Quinn

Mac OS 9 is PPC on Apple's proprietary kernel. It is definitely NOT POSIX. Does the Web API require a web browser as the interface?  Gary

No, you can query the web api using any way, like curl or anything that is able to load an http stream...