Absolute Noob to GN but I think it's exactly what I'm going to need. Just need to know if this is possible. Using GN's audio recognition capabilites, once a song is identified on my client, I want to verify if words or phrases are present in that song. So for example:

I have the phrase "She's buying a stairway to heaven" stored in a mySQL table. While listening to Pandora, Led Zepellin's "Stairway to Heaven" is played. GN audio recognitions identifies the song, and verifies the phrase exists in that song.

Can that be done?

Hello,You can look into GNSDK: *  Use this function when you have album, artist, title, or lyric text you want to directly query.* @ingroup Music_MusicID_QueryFunctions*/gnsdk_error_t GNSDK_APIgnsdk_musicid_query_set_text(gnsdk_musicid_query_handle_t musicid_query_handle,gnsdk_cstr_t search_field,gnsdk_cstr_t search_text); This will return you the list of tracks with those lyrics in it. You can also probably link to a third party lyrics catalogue to do the lyrics search after you have identified the track...