I am following the additional attributes example from the WebAPI documentation but it seems that the returning response does not contain additional attributes.

Inside the <QUERY CMD="ALBUM_FINTERPRINT"> tag, I inserted the following:




However, the returned response contains no TEMPO or MOOD atttributes.  I've tested this over 100 different songs without any success.

Does <OPTION> work with ALBUM_FINGERPRINT command?  Do I need any speical account in order to access the detailed attributes?




Hey Robert, Your client ID should be able to access the Mood and Tempo attributes. It looks like you need to add <MODE>SINGE_BEST</MODE> to your query (after your OPTION tags should work fine.)There's a little more info on the ALBUM_FINGERPRINT query here: Web API/ALBUM_FINGERPRINT.html Hope this helps,Derek 

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