I'm planning to develop a software that will update the MP3-ID3 tags of the user's whole music library based on the recognition results of the gracenote database. How many API calls am I allowed to perform per day ( / per hour / at all) with the Non-Commercial GNSDK since it's possible that there are 50000+ songs the software will have to analyse.

In the Terms of Use it just says:


"The aggregate number of [...] APIs calls Licensee (including its end users) is authorized to make per day, during the term of this Agreement for each Client ID issued to Licensee, shall be at Gracenote’s sole discretion and may be notified to Licensee at the time Licensee Accepts this Agreement."
Otherwise I will have to buy a commercial license, are there any limitations with that?

Hi Roman,The number of API calls depends on a number of factors and may change from time to time, so it is difficult to give you an exact number, though in general it should be enough for normal use in non-commercial settings.  If your application is for commercial purposes, you will need to apply for a commercial license here:!