Hi. Thanks for getting the Entourage SDK out and fantastic to try out across many potential applications.

I followed all the steps and of course added in the CustomerCredentials as described from a named app using the license info from the dev site but keep getting 'Initialization failure' when I build the app into an iPad3 and touch 'Start ACR'

Am I missing a fundamental step. I am getting two 'warnings' only at build

1 Unused variable 'extension' in the SDKViewController 


2 Incomplete implementation for @implementation GN_ACR_SDKViewController - linked to a Method definition for 'loadFPBundle:' not found

Any ideas?

Thanks Gary

Are you sure you have an app registered for the Entourage license (which is not the selected option by default) and that you have entered these values correctly (including the newlines in the license string)? On Android I was not able to enter these values correctly in the strings.xml as was instructed, instead I hard coded this including line breaks ("\n" in Java) in the code itself, which worked better.