Can we generate playlist according to mood using gnsdk?

If yes, please let me know.

Hi There, yes you can generate playlists by mood. In the Playlist SDK, using the "gnsdk_playlist_generate_playlist" API, you can pass in a PDL (Playlist Definition Language) string to generate custom playlists.An example PDL could be "GENERATE PLAYLIST WHERE Gn_Mood LIKE \"Peaceful\";"In this case 'Gn_Mood' refers to the mood attribute. Other attributes currently supported are:Gn_AlbumNameGn_ArtistNameGn_ArtistTypeGn_EraGn_GenreGn_MoodGn_OriginGn_Tempo Hope that helps,-Paul Quinn 

But I think it will create playlist from local collection.
I want playlist to generated from gracenote database by passing mood .
Can i get such type of playlist by using playlist sdk?