I try to find an album with fingerprint.

But GNSDK return client error (0x0207) for most of tracks. Error info doesn't contain an error description (empty string).

What does this error mean?


Hi, thanks for posting. There is an issue with the key generation right now, and you've got the wrong Client ID. We are working on resolving the issue, and will post a response as soon as we have it fixed. Thanks,Ching-Wei

Thanks for quick answer. I want to draw your attention to the fact that not all queries result in errors. There is a track which generates a query that does not return an error.I hope this information helps you.

I think there is no problem with the key generation in my case. When I use a part of the pcm track (30s) for generating a fingerprint, query doesn't return the error. But it return error (0x0207) if I use whole pcm track in fingerprint generation.