So I tried running samples with VS 2012 or Cygwin, exactly like described in the instructions.


In Cygwin I get: "/bin/sh: cl.exe: command not found

../../builds/ *** ARCH="" is unsupported. Windows can't cross compile (use different vcvars.bat setting).  Stop."


In VS I get: "fatal error LNK1120: 30 unresolved externals" from "error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol". Probably I'm doing something wrong here


Any help please?

had a friend try it in his VS 2012 and got the same errors i tried it in both Cygwin x64 and x86, same error

In Windows 7, I got them to compile and run using VS 2008 > Tools > Visual Studio 2008 Command Prompt > cd'd to any of the sample directories, ran "make", and  executed the program using "sample <clientID> <clientIDTag> <license file path>"Don't know if VS 2012 is different.

thanks, it worked that way. musicid_stream returns "Ghost is Born". but if i try with any other song, i get error 0x90810207 - Client error        line 693, info gnsdk_musicid_query_find_albums()